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We will never just simply go through the motions of planning and designing your wedding. We believe that one size does not, in fact, fit all. Every wedding & event can & should be curated and personalized - from the vendor selection process to your thoughtfully-designed tablescapes. We approach every wedding individually, creating a customized experience with purpose, genuine intentions, and an open heart.

We go whole-heart.

“No words can explain how grateful we are for Carissa and her team. Not only did I find one of the best wedding planners in the business, but I also gained a friend who stuck with us through all of the highs & lows.”

Sarah & John

“Hiring Carissa Corsi Events was the best decision we made in our wedding. Carissa was so professional, answered in a timely manner, and handled all vendor communication,”

Gabby & Erik

“Carissa and her team executed our destination wedding with taste and precision. Her attention to detail is flawless and her attitude is unparalleled.”

Amanda & Billy


This package is for the busy couple who has no time to plan and is willing to put someone else in the driver’s seat.

You two have much bigger fish to fry than planning your wedding (like, ya know, working your butts off to pay the bills and all that jazz). Your minimal free time is better spent relaxing on the couch or enjoying a date night every once in a while, and we want to keep it that way. Give CCE the keys to the car & we’ll take the wheel (and deal with the twists and turns along the way). From selecting & booking your vendors to day-of details, we’ll handle it all so you don’t have to. Your job? Sit back, relax, pamper yourself, and enjoy your engagement in full, stress-free.


We’ll plan the party. You’ll bring your dancing shoes.


This package is for the couple who has limited time to lead their own planning process, but needs needs some advice & direction on the big decisions throughout their wedding planning process.

You two have a good sense of what you like, are on top of the details, and know what you want the flavor of your wedding to be. But, you don’t know how to scoop it all together. We’ll help to guide, advise, and direct you on your big decisions (building your wedding budget, suggesting vendors, etc.) while allowing you to own the coordination. And in the last two months, we’ll take over all of the daunting details, allowing you time to pamper yourselves and enjoy your last few weeks of engagement. We call that the ultimate cherry on top.


We’ll get the party started. You’ll execute the deetz.


This package is for the couple who appreciates, values, and understands the power of aesthetics, this one’s for you.

We believe that the jaw-dropping visuals & delicate details are what wrap your wedding day up into a perfectly tied bow, which is why we look at design as a non-negotiable part of the CCE planning process. After all, your design is a direct reflection of your personal style & preferences and should be individually curated to you & your fiancé. 

That Pinterest board of yours? We’ll make it a reality.  We’re masters at taking your vision & bringing it to life, IRL, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


That Pinterest board of yours? We’ll make it a reality. 

And last but not least ... we’ll seal the deal & begin planning your special day!


If you want to stick together like PB and J, we’ll help you choose the planning package that best suits your needs and your budget.

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Let’s hop on a call and get to know one another! We are all about authentic connection and that’s something you can’t get over email. We'll talk through your wedding details & map out your next steps!

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How do I book you?

Yay! We would love to work with you. You can get in touch with us & see if we have your date available by filling out the form on our contact page. You can also book a complimentary discovery call with us here.

Do you charge travel fees?

The couple is required to reimburse the CCE team for any travel expenses that exceed the complimentary travel distance of 40 miles each way. This includes, but is not limited to, gas, lodging, airfare, and/or tolls for the wedding rehearsal and the wedding day. The couple does have the option to pre-book & purchase airfare, hotels, etc. for the CCE team ahead of the event to avoid the reimbursement process.

Also, the same requirements apply to any planning meeting in person on site.


No, we will never take on two weddings in one day. We rarely commit to more than one wedding per weekend. This allows us to give each couple the personal attention & focus their once-in-a-lifetime event deserves.

will i still have some control over my wedding if i hire you?

Yes, absolutely! We take a collaborative and customized approach to planning & design curation to ensure the process is catered to each couple. It can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. Our simple goal is to ensure that your wedding day feels uniquely yours.


We’re open to collaboration with any venue or vendor. In fact, we love working with various experts in the industry. When you become a CCE couple, you’ll receive our exclusive preferred vendor list, but you are certainly not required to select your vendor team from it.

we're getting married in new england, but live across the country. can you help us?

For sure! We’re very comfortable working with couples virtually. In fact, having a planner & design expert is extra important if you live outside of the area where you’re planning your wedding. Our team can help support venue tours, tastings, and vendor meetings if you're not able to join in person. We’ll take the lead on all communication and will provide you with a detailed update thereafter.

Do you carry personal liability and professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. we carry general and property liability insurance.

heck yes - I'm in!

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