August 6, 2021


Weddings are not only stressful, they cost A LOT. So, when planning the wedding of your dreams on a budget, why not DIY?

The sole idea behind DIY is to save money. In addition, it allows you to get creative. You have the ability to customize and add your own special touch to certain aspects of your big day. But, before you run off to grab your supplies for crafting, prioritize your wedding priorities. You need to ask yourself what you are envisioning.

  • Do you want a luxurious wedding cake?
  • Is hiring a band a MUST?
  • Are dance lessons crucial?
  • Do you need someone to help coordinate on the big day?

Once you have those elements laid out, determine the max amount you’re willing to spend on the wedding. Then you can focus on prioritizing to see what where to spend versus where to save.

DIY is fun, but it also takes time. For example, the idea of piecing together bouquets for your wedding sounds amazing, however it might not be the best idea for you to be creating fresh bouquets on the day. You have to think smart when it comes to DIY and make sure you have the bandwidth to get the job done.

Here’s a list of things you should and shouldn’t consider doing yourself when it comes to your wedding.

What Can I DIY?


Invitations should be visually appealing, but it doesn’t mean you have to get them done at the fanciest place for them to look as such. Nowadays, you can create wedding materials through design software and online tools for free of charge. If you are tech savvy, want to save money and love the handmade touch… this is for you! Did you know there are printing companies that offer a DIY package in which they give you everything you need to customize your very own wedding invitations? As you can imagine, this is significantly cheaper than outsourcing.

Would we suggest DIY invites and programs to every couple? No! We do in fact strongly believe that invitations are well-worth the money spent. But, couples have different priorities and if you’re one on a tight budget and looking for something fun to DIY, invitations are a good place to start.

You could also ditch the hard copy and put everything on your wedding website! You’ll eliminate not just the cost invites, but the cost of envelopes, postage and RVSP cards. You can just as easily send invites out digitally or communicate with guests through your wedding website. Although, we will say there’s just something special about receiving an invitation in the mail.

Dance Lessons

If you’re looking to eliminate expenses, this is certainly one. Regardless if you’re the worst dancer on the planet, dancing is all about what you make it to be. This is YOUR wedding, so dance the way YOU want. I see couples dish out oodles of funds on lessons before their big day, but you don’t have to. Instead of attending scheduled classes leading up to your wedding at a dance studio, you can dance from home. There are so many online sites that provide dancing tutorials. From ballroom to salsa to hip hop, the options are endless. Go ahead and research tutorials, make a class schedule, invite your bridal party over, have some cocktails and dance away. What’s better than that?

Go Seasonal

Although we do believe that florals is something that you should avoid investing in when it comes to your wedding, we do believe you can save money by going seasonal. But, how?

Be flexible with your flower choices and have trust in the professional you hire for the job! If you’re selecting items not in season, it means you’ll be paying a bit more for additional labor and transport costs for your florist to get this ordered / shipped into the store. To avoid this, we suggest asking your florist for their recommendations on how you can lower the cost, but still get something you love / is in tune with your vibe!

Can I get my florist friendors take here?

PRO TIP: Be sure to show your florist your wedding design board so that they can better direct you!

What Shouldn’t I DIY?


Speciality cakes can be complicated. Yes, baking is a fun activity to partake in, but unless you have baking and decorating skills, outsource this task. And, you need to factor in patience. Do you have the patience to do this on your own? Ultimately you should go with what works best for you, but this one can indeed be tricky. You don’t just have to think about the baking process, but the set-up as well. It’s crucial that speciality cakes be transported properly as one small bump in the road can allow it to potentially topple over. And, you need the right materials to set it up for display once you arrive. All in all, we suggest leaving this one up to the professionals. And, if you truly want to save money here, you can try purchasing one with a basic design at the nearby market.


Once you have a solidified date, you’ll be in the position to start thinking about photography. We suggest hiring a professional. Coming out of your wedding, you’re going to want high quality photos. If you decide to DIY, it’s never guaranteed the photos will look good as chances are, you don’t have the appropriate equipment to shoot. Plus, you don’t want to take away from your wedding party, family or even other guests’ time at the wedding by instructing them to take photos. It isn’t their job to document your big day.

Wedding Planner

Let’s be serious, planning a wedding can be crazy stressful and time-consuming. But, it doesn’t have to be. Trust us, we get it. Your wedding is an event of a lifetime and it’s so important to have someone there facilitating while you sit back and enjoy your perfect day. Why is having a planner important?

  • They take endless tasks off your shoulders and allow for a more relaxed experience leading up to your wedding.
  • Even though they might be a significant part of your budget, a good planner can save you money in the long run.
  • Should things get messy on the big day, the responsibility will fall on someone such as your MOH, best man, parents or another vendor not equip to do the job.
  • You are their main priority.

Your wedding day should be one to remember and it makes it much easier to be in the moment when you aren’t worried about the logistics behind the scenes. You deserve a smooth day, so don’t overlook this. Remember, you can find a wedding planner that works within your budget so don’t dismiss as a luxury!


People love to rave about a good meal, and love to complain about a bad one. Food is best left to be handled by a caterer. A caterer will know what sorts of foods are appropriate for which sorts of events, what time to serve different courses, how to combine you and your partner’s different tastes, how to accommodate guests with dietary needs or restrictions, and how to cook on a large scale for an event with many guests. Food is one of the most important elements when it comes to hosting and without a caterer, you run the chance that your guests will be unsatisfied. It is the detail that’s truly what makes a wedding unique. It’s meant to be an experience, one that brings guests together – good food and even better conversations.

In closing, when deciding whether or not to DIY for your wedding, consider the trade-off between your time and how much money you will actually save. While there’s no doubt that DIY can help you save money, it may force you to lose out on some of your personal time. Or, even deal with the pressure of trying to create something you don’t have much experience with to begin. If the task is simple and not time consuming, it may be worth it. The ultimate judgement call is up to you.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

  • Do you plan to DIY any parts of your wedding?
  • What are you going to make yourself, and what are you going to hire out? Are you completely against DIY for your wedding?

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